Research Grands

Ongoing Research Funding

Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation
(HFRI-FM17-3099) (KA: 10495)

‘LncRNAs: A new class of biomarkers for therapeutic targeting of cancer stem cells’, 2020-2023

PI: Stavroula Baritaki

Special Account of Research Funds, University of Crete
(KA: 10419)

‘Impact of stress regulators on colon cancer immunoescape’, 2019-2022,

PI: Stavroula Baritaki

External Funding by Elsevier, International Association on the Immunobiology of Proteins and Peptides and Coming Century CO (KA: 10183)

‘Prognostic and therapeutic implications of RKIP in cancer’, 2019-2022

PI: Stavroula Baritaki